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Treatment Coordinator

I have worked with Dr. Hamza for over 20 years and love everything about this office. I’m a very fun-loving, outgoing, family-oriented person. I like to take road trips and spend time with my loved ones in my spare time. I love helping people and easing patients’ nervousness about seeing the dentist. I enjoy coming to my job because it is so rewarding every day.



Registered Dental Hygienist

I have been a dental hygienist since 2001. I have been with Dr. Hamza’s office since 2017. I LOVE our team! I believe in going above and beyond for my patients to give them the best care possible. I love helping people and easing patients. When I’m not working, I enjoy gardening and going for long walks with my dogs to enjoy nature and get some exercise.



Registered Dental Assistant

I am a Registered Dental Assistant working with Dr. Hamza since 2015. And have been in the dental field for over 20 years most rewarding part of my job is helping treat patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible. I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my kids, and working as a volunteer in our community.


Dental Assistant

I am a Dental Assistant. I’ve been in the dental field since 1994. I started working at Dr. Hamza’s office in 2009. I enjoy making a difference in our patient’s smiles and making them feel as relaxed as possible. I enjoy spending time with my husband, kids, and grandbabies. My hobby is being outdoors and relaxing at home.

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Smile Designers Dental is proud of being one empowered manufactured product, unlike parallel platforms. Holisticly predominates extensible testing procedures.

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